Our Investments


In our Dilovası forging and machining plant, the construction which was started in 2014, the first-stage investments have been completed and production and product deliveries have started in our forging and machining lines.




In the forging facilities of our new plant having a total covered area of 100,000 m2, the installation of fully automatic axle shaft forging line with a capacity of 5000 tons, fully automatic heavy-duty forging line with a capacity of 12,800 tons (for axles, crankshafts, steering knuckle assemblies, flanges and gears.. etc), heat treatment furnaces, die shop, and finishing lines have been completed and production has started.  The installation of 2500-ton fully automatic forging line and auxiliary plants continues and these shall be completed and commissioned by the end of 2017.


With the engagement of our investments in the forging plant that has been arranged in accordance with the single product flow concept, in which material intake, cutting, forging, controlled cooling, heat treatment and finishing operations are integrated, our total forging production capacity has increased to 80,000 tons/year (except the machinery under installment).




For our machining plant, the investment of axle shaft machining facility with a capacity of 300,000 pieces/year as a first phase has been completed and production has started. Our new machining line is fully automated with robots. The infrastructure works for the expansion areas located within the same facility have been mostly completed and the moving of CNC machines from Pendik facility to Dilovası Facility has been started.


By the commissioning of our new machining facility, our capacity for producing rear axle shafts has increased to 1.3 million pieces/year.