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• As PARSAN, our objective is to produce the products required by our customers in the desired period of time, on the first try, and with high quality.
• The product data provided by the customers are evaluated thoroughly by our engineering staff and technical team, each of whom are experts in their fields.
• The design and preparation stages of the process are performed with the aid of engineering software. Within this scope, product models are created; technical drawings of the product are drawn and the operation cards to be used in production are arranged carefully.
• Forged part design, forging process design and the designs of all the dies and auxiliary assemblies of the process are realized within PARSAN. For the “correct production in the first try” of the product, die design and forging process are analyzed via simulation method in order to make the process faultless. The manufacture of the dies are carried out in our “die shop” with the machining programs prepared by the engineering team after the design is verified. Process optimizations and improvement studies are constantly carried out again with the aid of simulation programs.
• The apparatuses, fixtures, gauges and some special toolings for our machining process are designed by our engineering team and are manufactured in our “tooling and apparatus shop” in PARSAN. A functional and controlled production is carried out due to the apparatuses, fixtures and gauges that are custom-designed for the product.
• Manufacturing of the dies, apparatuses, fixtures and gauges of the products together with the product manufacturing within the same plant is vital for a high quality production.
• In the prototype production stage, our engineering and production staff work together and all the data are recorded diligently.
• In the prototype and serial production stages, our engineers in charge are constantly in communication with the relevant people with regards to customer requirements and needs. Thus, a problem-free production is aimed and carried out.


• As PARSAN, we provide support to our customers on the design of parts and assemblies. The static and dynamical analyses required during design are conducted in-house and/or at contracted test laboratories. Prototype production and installation stages are carried out in the body of PARSAN and the products are dispatched to contracted laboratories for fatigue tests. As the last stage, the produced prototypes are mounted on test vehicles and subjected to road tests and thus approval process is completed.