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Our objective in the recruitment process is to provide the right people for the right jobs. The selection is made by assessing the most appropriate candidates with the qualifications required for the position among the candidates, who are suitable for the values and corporate culture of our company, who are customer-oriented, who are open to learning, development and changes, who follow technology and innovation, and who are compatible for teamwork.

In recruitment assessments, the following applications are made depending on the requirements of the position:

  • English and / or German Test
  • Mental Skills Test
  • Personality Inventory
  • Competency Based Interview

We believe that the human resources is the foundation of our company’s success. Our objective in the training and development process is to maximize the performance of our employees and the company by ensuring their professional and personal development in parallel with the company’s goals and strategies. In accordance with this purpose, the current and future development needs of the employees are planned starting from their recruitment and it is ensured that the efficiency and productivity of both the employees and the company are increased through both in-house and external training programs taking into account individual and corporate requirements.

In order to ensure the continuity and growth of the company, the human resources should be managed and improved in the most efficient manner. In this context, it is aimed to increase the individual performances of the employees by using assessment and development methods such as management by objectives, competency and performance management. The output of the assessment results provide inputs for training and development management, career planning, and salary management processes.