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Our Values

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  • Endeavors to keep his/her promises.
  • Shows consistent behaviors with his/her behaviors and actions.
  • Respects the professional and personal privacy.


  • Keeps business interests ahead of personal interests in his/her their activities.
  • Respects differences and does not discriminate.
  • Treats everyone in the same way and creates equal opportunities regarding business issues.


  • Takes responsibility for tasks and decisions.
  • Expresses the truth regardless of personal interests.

Work Discipline

  • Takes care to comply with the rules of the workplace.
  • Takes care not to risk his/her own safety and the safety of colleagues in his/her activities.
  • Respects the priorities of his/her colleagues.

Corporate consciousness

  • Takes care to represent the company in the best possible way everywhere.
  • Takes care to use the company resources efficiently avoiding waste.
  • Acts so as to consider the interests of the company everywhere.

Social Sensivity

  • Takes care to balance the interests of the society and the institution.
  • Takes care to ensure the protection and safety of the environment in his/her activities and while using resources.
  • Respects to the laws, values, and traditions of the country and the society.

Customer Sensivity

  • Is sensitive to the complaints and expectations of domestic and foreign customers; takes action to provide a solution.
  • Endeavors to manage the risks related to the customers.


  • Respects the personality, duties and responsibilities of the colleagues in his/her attitudes, behaviors and expressions.