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Environmental Policy

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Our mission is
To take the measures that protect environmental and human health in all our activities, products and services from material supply to finished product shipment via the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System through placing emphasis not only on the results of the work but on how these results are achieved and to provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Our target is
To minimize the negative impacts on environmental and human health and pollution in all our activities, products and services in accordance with the requirements and expectations of our customers and society and also with the quality policy of PARSAN and to ensure occupational safety.

Our environmental policy is

Essentially to respect the environment and humans. We anticipate to implement this policy by:

  • Continuously improving occupational safety, work and environmental conditions for our employees in accordance with the ISO 14001 quality system;
  • Meeting the requirements of laws and regulations and customer demands regarding environmental and occupational safety;
  • Utilizing recyclable materials with less environmental impact and corresponding technologies as much as possible in the process design production processes;
  • Implementing continuous improvements for recycling, reusing, and minimizing the negative environmental impacts of all the materials we use;
  • Reducing energy consumption and waste amount in accordance with the “Parsan Environmental Targets” in order to utilize the natural resources in the most efficient manner;
  • Taking preventive measures to ensure occupational safety against incidents that may cause environmental and workplace accidents and predetermining the measures to be taken in emergencies;
  • Making all our employees and suppliers more aware on environmental, occupational health and safety issues and ensuring their participation in environment protection works;
  • Cooperating with our suppliers on issues of environment, occupational health and safety and taking into consideration the environmental policy of the supplier in the selection of suppliers;
  • Cooperating with official organizations, institutions and bodies on matters of environment, occupational health and safety and ensuring that the public accesses our environmental policy easily;
  • Maintaining and improving our ISO 14001 environmental management system, which is supported with the provision of the required resources by the PARSAN top management, as a system that is adopted and implemented by our employees, internally audited, reviewed by the management, open to public, and monitored and permanently enhancing our performance related to PARSAN’ s environmental targets, which have been established accordingly.

Our Values are

  • To leave the environment and natural resources to future generations in a clean and livable manner;,
  • To regard the protection and improvement of the environment as an integral part of our activities and a lifestyle, far beyond the legal requirements and customer demands.
  • To accept that any damage to the environment is a damage to all the living beings and humanity and that the environment is a common asset of all living beings.